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African Onesimus Mission for South Sudan is a Christian Mission formed by South Sudanese pastors in Brisbane in response to the apparent lack of Jesus’ gospel in villages in some part of South Sudan.

After living and ministering in refugees camps for years, most of the South Sudanese pastors joined Malyon, theological college in Queensland, Australia to advance their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Upon realizing their strengths in filling the apparent gap in gospel ministry in several villages in South Sudan, the pastors have responded to this call as Ezekiel 33 and 34.

As Christians, many of the pastors who have been saved and blessed by God could not watch God’s vineyard go unattended in South Sudan. God has given victory to the people of South Sudan to hear His words. God has reclaimed His vineyards, South Sudan, for Christians to plant His seeds in them. These pastors responded by saying, “Yes, Lord sends us to attend to your vineyard in South Sudan”.


Why did the mission adopt “Onesimus” as its name? It is clear that during the decades of civil war in South Sudan, many South Sudanese fled away from the country just like Onesimus who fled his country and ran away. While in exile, Onesimus encountered Apostle Paul who could have immediately turned him to the authorities. Instead Paul made Onesimus his follower. As a disciple, Onesimus was obedient and for this reason.  Paul ultimately sent him back to his master.



The most significant thing is that, Paul did not return Onesimus with empty hands. Paul sent Onesimus with a letter that told Philemon to accept and treat Onesimus as brother and Philemon should put the debt of Onesimus on to Paul’s account.


In a similar way, Nehemiah was also in exile when he heard that the walls and gates of Jerusalem were in ruins. Nehemiah turned to God in prayer. As a result, the Lord granted him favour with King Artaxerxes. The ruler did not only let Nehemiah take a leave of absence with empty hands. The king gave Nehemiah a letter to go to Judah and also supplied the exiles with building materials (Nehemiah 2:4-9).



Accordingly, African Onesimus Mission for South Sudan is seeking support like Nehemiah and Onesimus to be able to go back to South Sudan to rebuild the ruined spiritual well-being of South Sudanese.   


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