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This project is to established and implemented in the 5 states (Western Bahr-El-Ghazal, Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal, Warrap, Unity, and Upper Nile) of South Sudan that border the Republic of Sudan. Since colonization of the Sudan and the south ward expansion of Arabization in the Sudan after independence, these states have had limited gospel outreaches and hence low number of Christians. In the 41 counties found in these 5 states, there are less than 3000 Christians.

 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOur long term goal is to open a bible college ministry in South Sudan. There is currently no theological bible college in the new nation so that those who want to do God’s work cannot be trained formally. The African Onesimus Mission for South Sudan is seeking assistance to build pastoral and women’s capacity in church ministry through theological training. The blessing of this ministry will be measured by the number of successfully trained pastors and women who will be sent to undergo further trainings in church ministry. It is believed that upon successful completion of this training, the trainees will become trainers for their local church leaders, pastors and women’s groups.


  • Identifying 5 potential trainees (3 pastors and 2 women) from each of the 5 states to be sent for a 1 year theological training.
  • Identifying one convenient location where these trainees will be sent for their training.
  • Biblically contextualized mentoring of these trainees to build their leaderships skills in working with groups and resolving conflicts

 Expected results of the Pastoral and Women’s Capacity Building Ministry:

  • At least 25 trainees shall have gained a 1 year training in relation to pastoral and women’s ministry in churches.
  • It is expected that with continued support to these trainees, more than 300 church leaders and local church elders will be trained by these groups.
  • Church related governance and administration will be greatly improved as these trainees shall have gained the necessary skills.

 Tools to be used to measure the outcomes of the Pastoral and Women Capacity Building Ministry:

  • Numbers of trainees who will complete the training
  • Trainings that the trainees will offer to their peers
  • Feedback from their instructors, trainees, and their local church members
  • Number of their trainees who would like to attend the trainings organized by these groups

Resources to be produced during the implementation of the Pastoral and Women’s Capacity Building Ministry:

  • Qualified and highly skilled church leaders and elders
  • The results for the Pastoral and Women Capacity Building Ministry will be disseminated through a written evaluation. It will be given to all stakeholders in the ministry.


Need for the Pastoral and Women Capacity Building Ministry:

 As mentioned earlier in the brief description of South Sudan, these 5 states border the Republic of Sudan. Due to Khartoum’s restriction of missionaries in these areas during the civil war, the current generations have missed out on education. Although most people can read their dialects, they lack the formal education to synthesize and interpret Biblical teachings.

 It is unarguable that a well informed and educated church leader will be well equipped to deliver the message to their flock. Churches will be well administered and governed which will at the end improve the social, spiritual, and economical, and mental well-being of their members.

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We welcome you to partner with African Onesimus Mission to support pastoral and women theological training in these regions. Therefore, African Onesimus Mission for South Sudan is kindly requesting financial support to achieve its mission of building pastoral and women capacity by sending them for theological trainings.

 Potential partners: We will liaise with local theological training colleges in some of the neighbouring countries such as Uganda and Kenya to train the trainees. 

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