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South Sudan Hope

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Facts and Figures

Some important statistics

  • Total Population of South Sudan is 8.26 million
  • Total Area of South Sudan is 644,329 sq. km
  • More than half (51%) of the population is below the age of eighteen.
  • 72% of the population is below the age of thirty
  • 83% of the population is rural
  • 27% of the adult population is literate
  • 51% of the population live below the poverty line
  • 78% of households depend on crop farming or animal husbandry as their primary source of livelihood
  • 55% of the population has access to improved sources of drinking water


The following websites provide more information about South Sudan

The official Government of the Republic of South Sudan Website 

The official Govenment of the Republic of South Sudan Website Bureau of Statistics

The World Health Organisation

The Word Bank


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